Product is landing in the hands of Kickstarter backers and the feedback has been overwhelming…

Our Kickstarter campaign was a fantastic success and we couldn't have brought FLŌA this far without everyone who backed our project.

Since achieving our target, we’ve been flat out starting days way before the sun comes up, and working some long, late, and pretty intense evenings. It’s been tough, but most things worth waiting for usually are.

The thing is, these baselayers had to be perfect and we just weren’t willing to compromise on the end product. Our designer Sean Pankhurst has set the bar incredibly high with these baselayers. You get an incredibly soft, form-fitting baselayer made with some of the very best garment technologies out there.

Making the FLŌA baselayers

The baselayer’s construction is pretty complex and the seamless technology alone took some serious research and development. We also had to find a manufacturer that was the right fit for FLŌA.

That same attention to detail that Sean has put into the design had to be met by our production partners, who now share our end goal; creating a hard working garment that we can be proud of, and you can rely on.

Through it all we’ve remained committed to what we set out to do. It may have taken a little longer, but the FLŌA backcountry baselayer is here and we’ve started shipping it to the loyal supporters who were there in the beginning.

Here's some of the initial feedback that’s started coming in from happy Kickstarter backers:

“I’ve worn a whole lot of thermals and this stuff ROCKS!”

“It’s the comfiest base layer I’ve ever worn.”

“I didn't even know I had it on.”

“I’m definitely in love with the products. They’re exactly what I’m looking for.”

"I am really thrilled with the baselayer! It keeps you really warm, breathable and dries quickly!”

“I like the way it’s longer in the body, making it easier to tuck in.”

A huge thank you to all our Kickstarter backers – enjoy the flow…