A Cut For Everyone: Your Guide To The Details

A Cut For Everyone: Your Guide To The Details

by Fergie Miller December 23, 2019

A Modular System To Create Your Perfect First layer

There’s a lot to consider when stumping up for a new base layer. This is one of the most integral items of your mountain wear. You need it to work hard for you, deliver ultimate comfort and endure season after season of constant use.

To say your new base layer needs to be reliable would be an understatement, these garments need to perform, and perform well. Developed to perform in the backcountry and beyond, our base layers offer a variety of different cuts, so that the perfect fit can be found for everyone. 

Below, we take a look at some of the fit variants so that you can make a better decision on which base layer is right for you.

The Half Zip Neck Opening

The half zip neck opening is a popular choice as it not only allows you to gain easier access into the garment, but also aids ventilation and cooling when hiking, or lounging post run. If you’re hiking a chute or busy building a backcountry kicker on a sunny spring afternoon, you’re likely to shed some layers. Stripping back to the base layer allows you to cool off a bit and the added ventilation from the half neck zip can be a god-send.

The Traditional Round Neck

The traditional round neck is stretchy and delivers a comforting soft fit. This is ideal for those who want a simple garment with a little more air around the neck. We feel this makes the base layer a little more dynamic for other endeavours, but at the cost of additional warmth.

The 3/4 Length Leg

The three-quarter length cropped leg base layer pant is a hugely popular choice for those that are concerned about their socks and base layers bunching up when stepping into ski boots. They’re also a solid choice if you're looking for a multi-functional garment to use for working out, training and yoga.

The Full Length Leg

The Full Length leg is for those who like to tuck their base layers into their socks and ensure that continuity against the skin. It is also ideal for ski touting, split boarding, cross country and all the other off-snow winter sports you can discover the mountains through. 


You’ll also notice that our mapped compression ensures you get a secure ‘second skin’ fit, which is essential to finding ultimate comfort and the elusive flow state when in the Backcountry.

Compression supports key muscle groups aiding blood flow and helping to prevent fatigue. This means you can go harder for longer, making the absolute most of your time in the mountains.

The wool from the Merino sheep is prized for its moisture wicking properties. It also happens to be one of the toastiest, softest available and unlike other wools, does a mighty fine job at keeping odours at bay.

You’ll notice the most highly regarded base layers utilise Merino. However, to ensure supreme flexibility in our base layers, we have created a Merino-poly fibre blend. Warm, dry, soft against your skin, while benefiting from 4-way stretch, advanced moisture wicking and exceptional breathability.



FLŌA SOFT combines a highly technical base layer with a luxury feel to create the ultimate in softness and comfort. The Dri Release fabric we use for our All Action collection is made from 82% Polyester, 10% Tencel and 8% Elastane to provide you with that soft against the skin feel and with a fabric that is the best at managing sweat and dries 4 times fast than cotton.


Fergie Miller
Fergie Miller


Fergie, the founder of FLŌA, founded and spent ten years at Base Camp training over 2,000 ski & snowboard instructors before spending 8 years working in tech startups, including at over 5 accelerators covering Seed to Series A, before returning to action sports base layers and creating the FLŌA brand.

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