Announcing The Floa Athlete Team

Announcing The Floa Athlete Team

by Nick Baines February 17, 2019

The hiatus is over. Here’s the full FLŌA professional athlete team.

You might already be aware that Richard Permin is on our professional athlete team, but we’re pleased to finally announce the full draft. Spanning a number of ski and snowboard disciplines, this crew are an unstoppable force in the mountains and hard advocates for the importance of flow in snow sports.


Matt Avent

British Ski Cross Team

Born in Chamonix to UK parents, Matt has dual French and British citizenship, meaning he can don two passports a la Jason Bourne. He’s been on skis since the age of three, and has an impressive ski cross career under his belt even though he’s only 20. You can follow Matt on Instagram @mathieu.avent_skicross


Ruth Frutos

Spanish Junior Freeride Champion

Ruth Frutos is a Spanish skier who has been placing high in world freeride events since 2015. Keep your eye on this one, she’s usually found dominating the backcountry in the Spanish Pyrenees. You can follow Ruth on Instagram @ruthfrtos 


Maisie Potter

British Snowboard Cross Athlete

After cutting her teeth on dryslopes in North Wales, Maisie then moved to France at age eight and got her fair share of the good stuff. After competing in a number of snowboarding disciplines, she eventually settled on snowboard cross. A British Champion several years running, Maisie has also spent the past three years on the World Cup Tour placing highly throughout. You can follow Maisie on Instagram @maisie_potter


Lia Leuenberger

Freeride Snowboarder, Switzerland

Lia lives for freeriding and in her opening year on the Freeride World Qualifier she took first place in Silvaplana. That same year, she also finished as Swiss Champion. Hailing from Les Savagnières, Lia is a powerful addition to the FLŌA pro team. You can follow Lia on Instagram @ganrike


Ben Hotter

Freeskier, Austria

Being based in Innsbruck gives Ben easy access to some of the finest powder in Europe – which he gets knee deep in as often as he can. At just 19 he already has an impressive list of high competition placements and film sections under his belt. You can follow him on Instagram @ben.hotter


Isaac Freeland

Freeskier, USA

Though raised by the beaches of southern California, it’s the snow-dumped mountains that Isaac feels most at ease with. Following a slew of podium finishes, Isaac is now focusing his attention on freestyle skiing in the backcountry, using mountaineering to put him into some of the more remote, hard to get to chutes, spines and powder fields. You can follow him on Instagram @isaacfreeski


Siebe Steehouder

Backcountry Skier, Netherlands

Siebe comes from a notoriously flat country, but has spent a large swathe of his life in the Austrian Alps honing his craft, and clocking up a number of peaks in his pursuit to slay the backcountry. You can follow Siebe on Instagram @skiwithsiebe


Camille Armand

3 x FWT Snowboarder, France

After three years on the Freeride World Qualifiers, Camille earned a place on the Freeride World Tour (FWT). When he’s not riding secret stashes round Chamonix, he’s clocking single figure rankings on the FWT. You can follow him on Instagram @camille.armand


Wolfgang Kofler

Professional snowboarder, Austria

Following a snowboard cross accident, Kofi turned his attention to freeriding and has never looked back. Over the past decade he’s travelled the world in search of pristine backcountry and scored all along the way. Kofi is a familiar face on the Freeride World Qualifier circuit. Follow him on Instagram @wolfgang_kofler


Richard Permin

Skier, France
Richie was the first member of our pro team, if you haven't already seen his epic Red Bull video where he skis across the rooftops of Avoriaz, then go check it out. As one of the foremost freeskiers in the game, we’re delighted to have him aboard. You can follow Richie on Instagram @richardpermin

Nick Baines
Nick Baines

With an insatiable thirst for travel, Nick Baines is a journalist based on the UK’s south coast. With more than 20 years experience in snow sports, he’s contributed features to publications all over the world.

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