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Floa's Favourite Adventure Photographers Part 2

by Nick Baines November 26, 2018

We continue our countdown of adventure photography that caught our eye, with the photographers eye for a great shot

When we started thinking of blogs to write, photography was up there on the list so we though a blog post about adventure photography and photographers would be easy. Trouble is it was too easy as there's so many good photographers out there.

Our Part 1 was a blast with some heavy hitters, and here' an overflow of other image makes that really are at the top of their game from FLOA's viewpoint.

As with our other blog, simply click or tap the images to be transported to their Instagram page to see more.


Ross Woodhall


Ross Woodhall is a British photographer who has spent the past 25 years carving an enviable reputation as one of the premier ski photographers in the business. Supremely dedicated to the outdoors, Woodhall’s work opens a window into remote areas.

Using the morning or evening light to maximum effect, Woodhall’s images have a calming stillness to them that can make his expeditions seem within easy reach, instilling you with a need to move away from the screen, and get outside.


ross woodhall adventure photographer


Mattias Fredriksson


Based out of Terrace in British Columbia, Mattias Eriksson is a Trojan in the world of adventure photography. With a strong focus on downhill mountain biking and skiing, this guy is deep in the mountains year round, in all conditions.

Eriksson is currently the only European photographer to hold a senior position at Powder magazine, which is arguably the world’s most prestigious title in snow sports media.


mattias fredriksson adventure photography


Dom Daher


Hailing from Marseille, Dom Daher is a Geneva based photographer specialising in action sports.

Following a stint at a press group that focussed on mountain sports, Dom has spent the past decade working independently as a freelance photographer and chalked up work for companies like The North Face, SanDisk, Rossignol, and Dianese.

There are very few ski and snow sport publications he has not shot images for, and much of Daher’s work is documented in esteemed photo journals and books.


adventure photographer dom daher

Dan Carr


Dan’s lifelong obsession with the mountains began after spending a year in British Columbia when he finished secondary school.

But after returning to England to complete a degree in aerospace engineering, the call of the mountains was too strong and Dan began making steps towards a career in photography.

Having shot campaigns for brands like Apple, Nike, and Red Bull, Dan has also had his work published in over 100 publications.


dan carr adventure photo


Nick Baines
Nick Baines


With an insatiable thirst for travel, Nick Baines is a journalist based on the UK’s south coast. With more than 20 years experience in snow sports, he’s contributed features to publications all over the world.


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