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FLOA Ambassador Florent Demaere And His First Movie 'Second Chance'

by FLŌA Sports November 25, 2020

Drone Pilot Extraordinaire and Ski Film Director


For those of you in the know, Florent Demaere is an unreckonable force in the backcountry. French skiier, pro drone pilot, and official FLŌA Ambassador, he is quietly carving a name for himself in the European winter sports industry and has a vast reel of some pretty epic footage to his name, including his first feature edit Second Chance. Watch the full movie and read are 10 minute catch up with Florent below.


Where are you from, Florent?

I grew up in Haute Savoie, in a small village called Allinges. I’ve spent the past two years living in Chamonix though.


Is it correct that 2-3 years ago you chucked in your job to become a ski videographer?

I started the drone video three years ago yes and now I work for a big producer of extreme sports films called Nuit De La Glisse. 


How do your spend your winters? 

In winter I ski in Chamonix, Avoriaz, Italy with my friends Sébastien Varlet, Raphaël Vuuilmamoz who are all very good freeriders. We film, and we try to always take a little trip at the end of winter to get photos when the light is good. 


You are doing a lot of work with drones. Can you tell us more?

I only work with a drone.  It’s my passion and a joy to be able to film nature, my friends skiing, and working with professionals like Sam Favret, Léo Slemett and others. It’s been really great since working for Nuit de la Glisse - crazy luck. 


Tell us about your first trip up to Norway two years ago. You got caught in a big avalanche, right?

Yes, two years ago we went to Norway with Sébastien and Adrien (a Swiss friend) and we broke a ledge, which subsequently broke the whole slope. We fell into the rocks and fortunately had no injuries. Incredible luck, and we’ve all learned a great deal from it.



How was this year’s trip?

This year we returned to Norway, to finish what we started two years ago. The conditions were really not good though, wind, ice, rain and very little snow. It wasn’t completely lost though, we still had a lot of fun and Norway is beautiful. Norway is beautiful, the colours, the nature, the animals, the people are very nice. It is super cold, but the people are very warm. On the twelve day trip, we scored just two powders days. It might not be a lot, but we were very happy not to miss them.


Your film Second Chance, are you happy with the outcome?

It's a little film with friends, we really wanted to make a film with a lot of powder days but the weather was very difficult. The main thing is that we had a great time with friends with lots of fun. This country is magic. The incredible sunset. We did four days of camping up there too and it was a dream.


What are your plans for the future?

For the future, I want to continue to make the most of my winters and keep my drone job going. I am very happy in Chamonix I meet many new friends in skiing.  The mountains are beautiful and there is always something to do.


Lastly, how was the FLŌA kit in Norway? What did you love most about it?

I was impressed by the quality and the warmth it brought me both during skiing and at night in the tent. The comfort is top and I am very happy that FLŌA supports me.

Second Chance

FLŌA Sports
FLŌA Sports


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