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FLŌA Becomes Official Base Layer Partner Of PhotoJourney

by FLŌA Sports March 25, 2020

Guided Photography Tours To The Roof Of The World


FLŌA is delighted to announce that it has become the officIal base layer partner to PhotoJourney, the brainchild of photographer Johnny Fenn and mountaineer Mark Brightwell.

PhotoJourney offering a unique opportunity to join a combined photography workshop and expedition adventure in the beautiful and majestic middle hills of Nepal.

Johnny and Mark are joined by Saraya Cortaville, the 2015 London Portrait Photographer of the Year, to complete the leadership team for these unique expeditions into the heart of Himalayas.


An Expedition Into The Heart Of The Himalayas


Over 10 days award-winning professional photographers both instruct and lead you on a once in a lifetime expedition whilst taking your photography to the next level.

Based initially from the incredible Temple Tree Hotel in Pokhara, customers can choose to either follow Mark up a mountain, follow Johnny into a Hill village, or stay with Saraya for dynamic cultural day shoots in and around the bustling town.

The first 2020 expedition sets off on the 9th February and PhotoJourney adventurers do so safe in the knowledge that they have some of the warmest and functioning clothing available to wear over that ever important FLŌA base layer.


Mountain Landscapes & Diverse Cultures


Home to some of the mightiest ranges of the Himalaya, Nepal hosts more 8000m peaks than any other country. On the PhotoJourney expedition you can witness the full spread of the Annapurna mountain range that includes two of the world’s fourteen 8000ers.

The Annapurna is also home to one of the world’s most beautiful and holy mountains: Machapuchare (which translates as the Fish Tail – thus named on account of its twin ‘fish tail’ summits). A closer examination of its features is a main attraction of their Mardi Himal trek and a truly humbling, awe-inspiring experience.

Nepal is one of the world’s most ethnically and linguistically diverse countries - in a nation roughly the size of mainland Britain there are 36 recognised languages.

The two main ethnic groups are derived from the mongols of the Tibetan plateau and the Aryans from the Indian sub-continent. This is the crudest of divisions, within which lie tribe and sub-tribe, caste and sub-caste. Nepal is truly a land of a thousand faces, a portrait photographer’s dreamscape.

FLŌA Sports
FLŌA Sports


FLŌA creates active wear so you can enjoy your passions safe in the knowledge that you have the best clothing possible. Whether it's developing ground breaking technical apparel, or working together as a team, at FLŌA everything we do is about being in flow.


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