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Merrow Stitching: The Ultimate For Comfort And Performance

by Fergie Miller October 12, 2020

Merrow Stitching - A Total Game Changer

When we set out to create the FLŌA base layers, we were committed to putting out a high performance garment that not only keeps you warm, but is also comfortable and ruggedly durable. We know first-hand the importance of a base layer you can rely on, but also how tough this clothing needs to be too. Getting the stitching right is paramount to the success and performance of our base layers.

What is Merrow stitching?

Merrow is actually the name of a type of sewing machine, favoured by many of the worlds premier producers of athletic wear. Around 100 years ago Merrow developed a trademark overlock stitch, which is now commonly known as a Merrow stitch.

Using 3-4 threads, this locked-in stitching delivers impeccable strength. Unlike traditional flatlock stitching, which bunches material on the seams, Merrow stitching is markedly more streamlined and much less abrasive. For a layer that sits against the skin during movement, this has become the method of choice in high-performance clothing.

Patterns developed from the highest in performance

P&R Texteis, our manufacturing partner in Portugal is a leading producer of active wear. They have created clothing for Olympic athletes, professional sports teams and the riders of the Tour De France. With their insight and catalogue of patterns, we have taken the best performing features and developed them with our own style to deliver some of the finest base layers available. Whether that’s the All Action, or the Backcountry - from material selection, cut, design pattern and stitching, every element of these functional layers has been scrutinised.

Better comfort, form and movement

Merrow stitching is integral to giving you the very best in comfort. In critical areas like behind the knee, behind the elbow and the armpit, Merrow stitching on the All Action allows for a softer seam. In these high movement areas, the overlock Merrow stitch provides increased durability too.

Ultimate strength, durability and longevity

In the joining of panels of the All Action leggings and long sleeve top this tight, smooth overlock stitching significantly reduces bulk and adds a remarkable amount of strength to the product, ensuring it stands up to vigorous use. While Merrow stitching is a more expensive option in garment production, it provides a level of comfort, strength and quality that we are just not willing to compromise on.

Merrow stitching might be the kind of detail that many mountain users, gym users, yogis and runners overlook. However, the difference in performance is something to take serious note of. If you are looking for a reliable base layer that will not only stand up to everything you can throw at it, but remain comfortable throughout, then the detail on our base layers is something you will want to pay attention to. It’s what sets us apart from the rest and empowers you with a performance garment you can trust.


Fergie Miller
Fergie Miller


Fergie, the founder of FLŌA, founded and spent ten years at Base Camp training over 2,000 ski & snowboard instructors before spending 8 years working in tech startups, including at over 5 accelerators covering Seed to Series A, before returning to action sports base layers and creating the FLŌA brand.


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