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The 4 Things Every Rock Climber Should Know

by FLŌA Sports November 17, 2020

Rock Climbing - Learning The Ropes 

Rock climbing can be quite an intimidating sport for beginners, especially if there’s no instructor to show them how its done. Even so, rock climbing is still an incredibly accessible activity and, if you are reasonably fit, just about anyone can become a decent rock climber without being a super-athlete.

Climbing walls are an excellent place to learn in cities. When venturing out in the countryside its best to start off with a guide and ensure you have the correct equipment. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at four things every rock climber should be aware of when they are learning the ropes.

Achieve Adequate Physical Strength

Although anyone can start immediately, rock climbing can be challenging without proper upper body strength. Climbing is an aerobic activity and your heart rate may go up rather quickly. With strong limbs and core, rock climbers can move up and down more easily.

Strong thighs and glutes are essential for pushing motions. Good shoulder and arm strength can help you do any technique easily early on. To increase hand strength, you need to do pull-downs and pull-ups. Dead hangs are also good exercise to build up stronger fingers. Add some weight if you feel that your hand strength exercises are a bit too easy.

rock climbing in leggings

Practice Etiquette

It’s easier for new climbers to assimilate into the sport by demonstrating proper climbing manners. You need to use common sense. It’s inconsiderate to climb the same route at the same time with someone next to you. Give other climbers some space, especially if routes are intersecting. Never step on anyone’s rope because it’s essential for someone’s life if there’s a mishap.

Get Familiarised With The Route

Before heading out, it is important to be perfectly familiar with your routes. You need to be fully informed about seasonal closures and other restrictions as well. Good familiarisation with your climbing route is also important for safety and you should memorise crucial sequences and watch more experienced climbers who have better familiarity with the route.

Master Belaying

Belaying is a basic skill in rock climbing and it’s a good idea to find a partner. You shouldn’t take this skill lightly and it’s important to choose high quality belaying devices. A good belay device is affordable at less than £50 and it should be easy to use. A competent climber can give you some inputs as to what gear you will need.

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