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Top 5 Instagram Workouts For Women

by Fergie Miller January 28, 2021

Five Of The Best Fitness Workouts On Instagram

The rise and reach of Instagram has meant that home workout videos are now more accessible than ever. From 30 second demonstrations for you to expand on and add into your HIIT routines, to fully led classes, the diversity of exercise being taught is incredible.

However, caution does need to be taken as many online workouts can’t take individual ailments and injuries into account. Be careful, ease in, and make an active start with our favourite five Instagram accounts for fitness.

1. Lottie Murphy

Pilates improves posture, muscle tone and mobility, providing a powerful cornerstone to your fitness regime. Whether you’re trying to stay in peak performance prior to mountain pursuits, or simply looking to maintain optimum function, home pilates plans are a life-saver.

Lottie Murphy has some of the best Instagram home workouts going in our opinion. You can be any shape or at any level of fitness to take up pilates, doing slow, considered movements that make a big difference. 



2. Danielle Paezer

The DPM, or Danelle Paezer Method, is fast becoming one of the most talked about workout protocols and was crowned best home workout by Vogue magazine – high praise indeed. As well as having a whole series of different workouts available for free on her IGTV, Paezer also holds weekly live classes you can tune into and engage with. 



3. Kayla Itsines

This Aussie powerhouse has garnered an enviable name for herself in the fitness world. Long has Kayla been inspiring women to take charge of their health and has devised a number of workouts, programmes, books and even bespoke apps to empower women in the home workout realm. Hit up her Instagram to get involved with her Sweat Challenge. Even without her paid for subscriptions, you can access a ream of free workout tutorials. 



4. Kino MacGregor

Kino is one of the biggest names in yoga, particularly from a social media standpoint, whether you’re here for a solid ashtanga practice, or some softer and more restorative flows, Kino’s Instagram is the perfect resource. As with all of these accounts, social media has allowed us to gain access to some of the most talked about classes from our own front room. So whether you’re looking for strength, mobility or stamina, you can work on these aspects direct from your phone. 



5. Vogue Williams

Williams’ workout videos on Instagram are both focused and targeted. What’s most refreshing about these workouts, is that Vogue brings in trainers on a split screen including people like Dalton Wong, a performance coach and well-being expert, and health coach John Belton.


Fergie Miller
Fergie Miller


Fergie, the founder of FLŌA, founded and spent ten years at Base Camp training over 2,000 ski & snowboard instructors before spending 8 years working in tech startups, including at over 5 accelerators covering Seed to Series A, before returning to action sports base layers and creating the FLŌA brand.


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