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Top 5 Outdoor Exercise Classes In London

by FLŌA Sports October 04, 2020

London’s Top 5 Exercise Classes 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many gyms have diversified their classes, offering outdoor workouts to enable social distancing and a safer environment that's outdoors and in the fresh air.

While the colder months begin to roll in, these outdoor classes are even more beneficial, exposing us to the natural elements and prompting us to get moving and get our blood flowing. Here we bring you five of the best fitness classes in London right now:

Be Military Fit

Helmed by Bear Grylls, Be Military Fit train anyone, anywhere and in all weather conditions. There are now over 140 ‘venues’ throughout the UK, making it the UK’s biggest outdoor fitness brand. Military Fit is their most effective outdoor  programme, a fast 60 minute workout that delivers serious results. However, you can also choose from their other workouts including Crossrun, Military Fit Ops, Active and Urban. If you’re looking for the most high intensity workouts going, that will target muscles you didn’t even realise you had, then Be Military Fit could be the one for you. Get outside, get results.



F45, Regents Park

Tottenham Court Road’s F45 is highly regarded for its functional strength and resistance workouts, which have now been taken to the open fields of Regents Park. Book on for evenings and weekend classes. You’ll put the work into these focused 45 minute HIIT workouts, but the rewards are plentiful. Unlike the F45 gym, you don’t need to be a member to join in these classes, just book on to the class you want to join.


BXR, Paddington Park

BXR is a renowned group of boxing gyms and where heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua trains. In light of COVID-19, BXR started BXR Parks, a training programme operated in Paddington Park. From free weights and freestanding punching bags, to resistance training, these classes are a great way to get your heart rate up while simultaneously getting out in nature. A solid session for any city dweller.



The Fore, Kings Cross

The Fore has a cult like following to its unique workout classes. HIT workouts incorporate cardio, bodyweight exercises and the TRX. This gives you a rounded and balanced workout ideal for desk-bound urbanites. Try out their Noga classes - yoga without the spirituality - or their popular Foretitude workouts that test every element of fitness to build endurance, speed and flexibility. As well as a highly focused workout you also get to do it to some of the best playlists in the city.



Paola’s BodyBarre

Rock up to Paola’s park classes in Wandsworth where her signature PBB class gets you stronger, fitter, trimmer and tauter than you ever thought possible. Drawing from elements of yoga, pilates, and ballet barre conditioning, this dynamic approach targets deeper stabilising muscles as well as the peripheral muscles. The great thing about Paola’s Body Barre classes, is not only do you get the heart rate up and break a sweat, but you gain strength, lean muscles, a strong core and fantastic posture.



FLŌA Sports
FLŌA Sports


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