Isaac Freeland



Isaac was born in San Diego, California and grew up running around on the beach. Eight years later his family took a vacation up to Big Bear where he was able to experience snow for the first time. After hopping on a pair of rental skis for the day he knew that skiing was his calling.

Seven years later Isaac placed 2nd in his first Big Mountain competition and soon began to top the podium in later competitions. Now he is moving into more mountaineering and freestyle skiing. Opposites indeed, but Isaac's goal is to combine the two and take freestyle skiing to places it's never been.

Get to know Issac


San Diego, USA

favourite spot

Chads Gap, Salt Lake City

Started skiing

by the age of eight

Can't live without

"my camera"

Carrer history

2018 2nd Ski City Shootout with photographer Steve Lloyd
2018 4th FWQ Americas Overall
2018 5th FWQ Kicking Horse Wrangle the Chute 4*
2017 2nd FWQ Kirkwood 4*

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