Netherlands, AGE 26


Siebe 'Skibe' Steehouder was born in the flatland's of Netherlands in 1992 and has been active in the snow sport scene and lived in the mountains for many years. Working as a ski instructor in the Austrian Alps helped him to spend as much time possible in the snow and use every opportunity to go free-riding.

Having the chance and possibility to go on the mountain and discover new places he finds the most beautiful thing about skiing. As a beginning athlete Siebe will participate in FWQ events in Europe and work on his personal projects. In the Projects he will be mainly combining ski-touring and free-riding to find the purest free-ride spots the Alps have to offer.

Get to know Siebe


Culemborg, The Netherlands

favourite spot

Königsleiten, Austria

Started skiing

by the age of eleven

Can't live without

"my sunglasses"

Carrer history

2018 Pitztal Wild Face FWQ** AUT
Summits / Peaks (Ski)
2018 Zuckerhutl Stubai, AUT
2018 Schaufelspitz North WallStubai, AUT
2018 Mittagskogel Pitztal, AUT
2018 Vorderer DaunkopfStubai, AUT
2017 Serles Stubai, AUT
2016 Kreuzjoch Zillertal, AUT
2016 FalschriedelZillertal, AUT

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Salewa, Puzzle Gear, ZAG